How-To (tech) Dynamically Modify Your View!

This a tech tutorial on how to dynamically modify your view on Odoo. In Odoo, once a view record is defined, there is not much possibility of dynamically changing it according to the record(s) that it is showcasing. For example, in its XML definition, you can’t make the ‘string‘ attribute of a field to be the value of another field.

Most of the time, our needs can be solved using selection fields, notably state/type, if the changes we would like to impose are limited to a few variations. But it does not resolve the need to dynamically change the view according to model contents.

It is therefore needed that we override the fields_view_get function in the models.Model. Since apparently its documentation is “scarce” on line, we shall take a detailed tour around it.
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Odoo for Sales Analytics

With the advancement in technology, timing is now the buzzword of the sales industry. Sales management teams face an increasing amount of pressure to be more efficient with more data and to uncover more opportunities faster. Identifying the most profitable customers in the shortest time and acting on such leads has become extremely crucial. With stiff competition, sales analytics has become critical for many businesses as such platforms automate many time-consuming processes, in addition to allowing managers to have an in-depth view of performance at various stages. The era of sieving through endless excel sheets manually for data is now over.

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How-To: Adding a field on Odoo

How to add a field on Odoo

This is a sample “sales” module of Odoo version 8, loaded with demo data.
Under the “sales” module, “Sales/Customers” label, I have opened “Michel Fletcher” customer form for the example.

Customization Needed: I want to be able to enter the contact’s Personal Mobile Phone in a separate field.
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Replacing Excel with Odoo ERP for SMEs

Make no mistake about it. Excel is indeed a great tool. It is easy to use, widely used and flexible: It can be used as a simple database (customer database, product database, quotation etc.), to calculate prices, as well as generate quotations. Excel has therefore become an essential tool in many small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Continue reading