Odoo for HR 1

Using Odoo for Your SME HR Solutions

It’s frequently said that a company’s most important asset are its people. As such, an efficient management system is key to handling a company’s employees effectively and efficiently, allowing one to keep the focus on the actual business model itself.

By integrating information about employees into a single system, mundane tasks like leave and expense management, time tracking and appraisal plans can be easily managed, especially with Odoo’s Kanban view, allowing a clear overview of all current processes.

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Custom ERP Software: The Perfect Fit For Your Company

When it comes to customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, there is no one size fits all solution. Oracle and SAP, being one of the world’s largest software companies continue to produce excellent software solutions for many corporate giants, by providing a complete enterprise-level system to handle their enormous resources. Complete with a support package with scheduled upgrading and a tech support hotline, it does indeed suit large corporate firms. Continue reading