Ensuring that your business is adapting to new software

The implementation of an ERP is never a small project. Managing changes is critical to the success.

Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in:

  • Defining your needs
  • Adapting your standard operating procedures
  • Organising training and knowledge transfer
  • Migrating your existing data and setting up the system

Customization & Integration

If you already have spent lots of effort in setting up dedicated systems, or if you have more complex needs, we can leverage on the open source nature of Odoo and fully customise the software:

  • User interface.
  • Additional features.
  • Integration with other softwares (Synchronisation).

A Long-Time Partner

We provide a full solution for our clients, so that once the system is in place, they can outsource to us the system maintenance and focus on their core business:

  • Hosting and in-premise Maintenance.
  • Support contract.
  • Consultancy packages.
  • Enterprise Contract.