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Using Odoo for Your SME HR Solutions

It’s frequently said that a company’s most important asset are its people. As such, an efficient management system is key to handling a company’s employees effectively and efficiently, allowing one to keep the focus on the actual business model itself.

By integrating information about employees into a single system, mundane tasks like leave and expense management, time tracking and appraisal plans can be easily managed, especially with Odoo’s Kanban view, allowing a clear overview of all current processes.

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Odoo’s ease of use and flexibility at a low cost caught the attention of the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science. Its department for matching available teachers and school slots, Directorate General for School Administration, implemented Odoo to handle the enormous and complex process.

With applications from over 300 000 users systematically managed under a unified system, the department managed to reduce its budget by half by saving on software licenses and support and maintenance contracts.

Odoo as a software solution would be a perfect fit in the local Singaporean civil sector where complicated calculations for various schemes like the Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions or income tax calculations would require either extensive manual work or extremely expensive enterprise-scale software. Its flexibility and user-friendly interface at a low cost being the main drawing point.

With the high rate of inflation in Singapore, the government is indeed under pressure to cut costs and perhaps, open source solutions may be the path to take.

Odoo’s successful implementation at the massive Portuguese civil sector is proof of its quality and flexible options. A recent massive joint investment of 315 billion euros by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank to promote business competitiveness leans towards promoting open source software, holding Odoo software solutions as a way businesses, big and small as well as the civil service sector can improve their productivity.

It is indeed just a matter of time before corporations outside the traditional SME circle and the public sector begin jumping onto the bandwagon.

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