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Odoo for Sales Analytics

With the advancement in technology, timing is now the buzzword of the sales industry. Sales management teams face an increasing amount of pressure to be more efficient with more data and to uncover more opportunities faster. Identifying the most profitable customers in the shortest time and acting on such leads has become extremely crucial. With stiff competition, sales analytics has become critical for many businesses as such platforms automate many time-consuming processes, in addition to allowing managers to have an in-depth view of performance at various stages. The era of sieving through endless excel sheets manually for data is now over.
By gathering a deep analysis of multiple data sources, companies are able to gain a valuable edge over their competitors. One such platform is the Odoo software. Since its rebranding from OpenERP, it has placed an increased focus on business intelligence and marketing automation. Through a better understanding of these data sources, businesses are able to optimize their options. An example of this would be the case of predictive analytics. Data showed that men who purchased diapers towards the end of the week usually had beer in their carts. By placing the beer sections closer to that of the diapers, sales of both products significantly went up.

With Odoo’s e-commerce capabilities, sales optimization is now available at low costs for businesses. With Google Analytics trackers that are linked to marketing tools, one can now have a complete view of site actions and business sales operations.

The Customer Resource Management module allows businesses to make accurate sales forecasts based on statistics and easy to view custom graphs and dashboards. Optimizing marketing campaigns with automated actions also improve sales efficiency and performance for businesses.

Another powerful function Odoo possesses is its data analysis software with filters for relevant data and graph generation. Specific reports and sales analysis can be easily created from pre-installed templates or your own customization.

With a wide variety of sales optimization tools to offer at a low cost, it won’t be long before Odoo leaves its mark on sales analytics as it has done for ERP. Here at Elico Corp, we seek to customize Odoo for your corporate needs. By turning your back room into an integrated and automated machine, you now are free to focus on the front end of your business.

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