Custom ERP Software: The Perfect Fit For Your Company

When it comes to customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, there is no one size fits all solution. Oracle and SAP, being one of the world’s largest software companies continue to produce excellent software solutions for many corporate giants, by providing a complete enterprise-level system to handle their enormous resources. Complete with a support package with scheduled upgrading and a tech support hotline, it does indeed suit large corporate firms.

However this leaves many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in a no-man’s land, as they have similar needs but lack the immense finances needed to implement such a massive software system.

Open source solutions for SMEs

SMEs now acknowledge that an efficient integrated resource managing system as the key to improving efficiency and growth. With many diverse needs, a flexible software solution that is user-friendly as well would be the answer. With Oracle and SAP’s software geared towards larger companies with large business operations, minor configurations are indeed complicated to add for much smaller companies. As such, open source platforms may be the key to solving the inefficiency problem for smaller companies.

Odoo – The important jigsaw puzzle piece

Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP has an open source design that allows its modules to be customized for specific business needs easily. Its platforms can be easily modified to adjust to changing market trends. In addition, Odoo’s easy to use interface is indeed a perfect fit for SMEs, many of which do not have a dedicated IT team or the time to figure out how the program works.

Moving beyond SMEs

Odoo’s recent developments which aim to promote it as a more flexible alternative software for large corporations has begun to change the traditional notion about open source software. For a long time, the concept of open source software was uncomfortable for large corporations and the civil sector. The idea of approaching a forum to seek technical help is indeed unsettling and it is no wonder companies choose to stick with supposedly ‘safer’ options and engaging large software companies to handle all of their systems and maintanence.

Times have changed, however. Odoo has been working with partners around the world to ensure a greater reach and support for users. In addition, partners like us, Elico Corp, provide customized business software solutions to suit individual company needs. Being recognized as an Odoo Gold Partner and the recipient of the best Odoo Partner Award for the Asia Pacific Region is a guarantee of our quality.

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